Post & Save Promo

I’m rewarding you for showing off your Numana Yarns in a project for a personal discount code for 30% off your next order!

Tag @numanayarns in publicly viewable Instagram or Facebook photos showing either your work-in-progress (preferably approximately 4x4 inches square or larger so that the colour patterning can be seen), or your finished project. These can be knit, crochet, or even woven, so let your creativity fly! If your profile isn’t public, just email your photo with permission to re-post on my social media accounts to

Once the tag has been seen, I will contact you to verify your previous purchase, then send you your personal discount code for 30% off your next order. This code will be good for three months from the date of issue. Only one code per person, but there is no limit on the number of items you can purchase on that order.

This promo will apply to yarn purchased between September 1 – December 31, 2020. The final date to tag or submit a photo will be March 31, 2021.


If I've already posted something before this promo was announced, will it count? Absolutely! Just make sure it has been tagged - if I can't see it I won't know about it!

Would something posted in a "Stories" format work (ex, something that disappears after 24 hours)? I might not see it in time, so I would highly suggest posting in a format that doesn't expire.

How do you give out codes? Once I see your tag, I'll contact you by private message via whichever social media platform you used, and will post a comment so that you know I sent a message. If your privacy settings prevent me from sending you a message, I'll let you know how to contact me for your code.

How do you verify I made a purchase? In some cases, it's easy enough to determine who you are and verify the purchase. In other cases I may need to get your name or other details in order to link the purchase to you.

I purchased at the Prairie Fibre Festival - how will you be able to link my previous purchase? All of the sales have been recorded in my e-commerce software. If you requested a receipt, it's easy enough to track back through the email or phone number you provided. If you did not request a receipt, then I can look through the orders and determine which one was yours. I will need to create a customer profile on my website in order for your code to work since each person receives a unique code that can't be shared.

What if I lose the code or forget the expiry date? No worries, just contact me - I can access your code and expiry date for you.

If I have a discount code through the loyalty app, can I combine the codes? Sorry, you won't be able to combine the codes. I would suggest you use the code given during this promotion first, since it does have an expiry date.