Barbury Sock - The Light Within OOAK

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80% Superwash Merino, 20% Soft Nylon. 115 grams/384 meters.

Like our Salisbury Sock, but made with an even softer nylon for extra coziness. This blend is soft but strong enough for socks or sweaters where there may be areas of higher wear. Wash by hand, lay flat to dry.

Variegated colourway when worked up. 

This skein (far right side of the pictures of 4 skeins has a small mistake, where some of the dye did not dissolve completely, leaving some blue "speckles" on some areas of the yarn during the dyeing process, and is therefore offered for a small discount. This mistake is small enough that it could be hidden in your work, or the yarn could be cut and rejoined. See photo for example of blue speckles. 

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