Salisbury Sock - Peace, Hope, & Strength Kit 3
Salisbury Sock - Peace, Hope, & Strength Kit 3
Salisbury Sock - Peace, Hope, & Strength Kit 3

Salisbury Sock - Peace, Hope, & Strength Kit 3

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Main Colour/Mini Skein
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Kits remain available while supplies last!

Purchase this yarn kit and $2 will be donated to the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal through the Canadian Red Cross. 

About this yarn

80% Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon. Kit contains one 50 gram/166 meters skein and one 20 gram/65 meters mini skein.

This blend is soft but strong enough for socks or sweaters where there may be areas of higher wear. Wash by hand, lay flat to dry.

Peace and Hope are tonal colourways when worked up, while Strength is variegated.

About the pattern

The Dandelion Wishes sock pattern, made by Carol Roy, gives you directions for two types of socks - ankle and mid-calf. The pattern is visually eye-catching, deceptively simple and easily memorized!

This kit is large enough to make just the ankle length sock pattern. You will receive one 50g skein of either Peace (blue), Hope (yellow), or Strength (speckle) for main colour, plus a 20g mini of your choice of contrasting colour for the toes, heels, and cuffs

The pattern can be purchased HERE

Where do you ship to?

I ship anywhere Canada Post can ship to. All shipping is tracked, and you will be provided with a tracking number once your order is ready to ship.

Please note there are extended delivery windows for custom ordered products and Ashford products that are not normally kept in stock.

Do you offer free shipping?

We now offer free shipping to Canada and USA in one of two ways, both through our rewards program:

  • New newsletter subscribers will receive a welcome email, giving them 1500 points that can be used towards a discount or free shipping on orders over $150 CAD.
  • Customers who have already started earning point can use 1500 points for free shipping on orders over $150 CAD.

We made this change to equalize discounts between our in store and online customers.

I don't see gauge information anywhere, do you provide this?

I do not provide gauge information for a few reasons:

  • Tension can vary greatly between people, and the same needle or hook size can result in significantly different gauge swatches. 
  • The same yarn in different patterns could use much different gauge -  a drapey, lacy shawl will use a much loser gauge than a pair of socks, even though both may call for the same yarn.

Do you use dye lots?

While each skein is considered unique, I have been including a manufacturing code on yarn manufactured since about November 2021. These codes mean that the yarn was all dyed at the same time, so anything influencing the final product, such as water (which can sometimes change dye colour) or technique should be consistent. 

This DOES NOT mean each skein will work up the same - we highly recommend changing skeins every 2 or so rows when using multiple skeins in a project to ensure the best blending.

Some skeins may have a coloured dot or may be missing the manufacturing code - this is because when we changed our labels in September 2022, it was too cumbersome to input each code. To simplify the process, if there were any yarns from a different dye lot than the majority, we added a coloured dot.

Do you make up samples of your colourways?

I don't and there are several reasons for this.
1. The cost associated with doing this would cause the costs of my products to go up. I have focused on creating a large variety of colourways, but this means my batches are often small, usually only 4 skeins of a new colour are dyed at one time. I simply can't afford to remove a skein for each new colourway to make into samples, even with volunteers knitting the samples (I don't have the time).

2. Factors such as gauge, needle size, circumference/width of project, starting point on the yarn, and knitting in the round versus knitting flat will affect how the colours may pool, especially with colourways that have a high likelihood of pooling. Different stitches will also affect the outcome.

3. As each batch, and even each skein within a batch, is unique to some degree, the sample done may differ from other skeins of the same colourway. This is why it's recommended to alternate skeins every few rows when using hand dyed yarns (if using more than one skein).

If you are uncertain about how to "read" a skein, feel free to send us a message. I've also included a generalization of how the colourway should behave in each listing: tonal, variegated, pooling, and gradient.

Are custom orders available?

Most repeatable colourways have an option to custom order 3, 4, or 5 skeins, so you can order the quantity needed (for example if you needed 9 skeins, you could order one each of the 4 and 5 skein options, or three of the 3 skein option).

I do custom orders of several colourways. This allows you to request the right number of skeins you need for your project, or select a different base than what is currently ready to ship. Custom orders will take between 4-6 weeks to be ready to ship out since yarn or dyes may also need to be ordered.

Click here for more information about custom dyeing.

How often are shop updates?

Shop updates are currently planned for every other Friday, at 12 pm mountain time. Want early access? Subscribe to our newsletter, and see and purchase the new items from 6 am to noon!

Do you do gradients or self striping yarns? What about countdown calendars?

Not yet, but there are plans for this in the future! Keep an eye on my social media accounts or sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know when these are available. Newsletter signup is at the bottom right of each page of this website.

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