Sherwood Park Location Coming! (Announcement 1)

Sherwood Park Location Coming! (Announcement 1)

We bought a commercial property to be the new home of Numana Yarns!

Our new store will be based in Sherwood Park, about 8 minutes from our current location. We will have about 2.5 times the space for the retail area, so can bring our Ashford items out from hiding in the back. We will have a second floor with a dedicated class space, so we can run more classes during the day and host more groups. Kim and I are very excited to have a separate space to record our podcast, and everyone is excited about a staff kitchen with a full sized fridge.

The area has lots of other retail shops and restaurants nearby, unlike our current spot. Less of an industrial feel (yay), but still has the perfect amount of warehouse space to splash around and make a mess with the dye.

We get possession on May 1, and will begin renovations shortly after - knocking down some walls, new flooring, lighting, and painting, plus of course the renovations needed for the dye studio.

The dye studio side will be moving as soon as renovations are finished in that area. As for the retail side of things, the earliest we would move would be around the end of June, but that will depend on if we can find someone to sublet our current location, as we will have a year left on our lease here. We will let you know once we have plans firmly in place!

Our pop ups scheduled for April 27 and June 8 are still a go, but will probably be our last - the one downside is the new space doesn't have the layout to continue with multi-vendor pop ups.

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