Changes to the Rewards Program will occur at 5:00 pm mountain time, December 30, 2023.

On December 5 we received the unwelcome news that the app we use for tracking rewards is going up in cost dramatically. Starting January 1, the increase is nearly 158% for the features we use the most, and 684% for all the features we currently have access to. As a small business, we cannot absorb such an increase in cost for an app that, while rewarding our customers, also reduces our income by up to 15% when the highest current reward level is used.

Our current Rewards Program also could not support offering percentage based discount rewards on Ashford products because the markup on these products is quite a bit smaller.

We looked at other rewards apps, but found many were similarly priced, or higher, and often with less features or poor reviews. We also considered removing the Rewards Program altogether, but we DO still want to reward our loyal customers, so we had to revamp our program.

We compared our rewards program to other yarn stores, and found ours to be quite generous in comparison. Part of this was on purpose, instead of having bigger sales, and part of it was because when it was set up, our operating costs were significantly lower - we didn't expect to be operating out of a warehouse just over 2 years after we started in our tiny home-based studio!

We have decided that we will be keeping our Rewards Program, but are restructuring it significantly. As of 5:00 pm on December 30, Mountain Time, we will no longer be offering percentage based discount rewards. Our rewards will be structured as follows:

  • Earn rate will remain 10 points per $1.00 spent
  • These rewards have no cash value, and the before-tax value of the order must meet or exceed the amount taken off the order.
  • Rewards will be able to be used on ALL products, including Ashford.
  • Rewards can be used for:
    • 1250 points can be used for $5 off your order
    • 2500 points can be used for $10 off your order
    • 5000 points can be used for $20 off your order
    • 7500 points can be used for $30 off your order
    • 10,000 points can be used for $40 off your order
    • 12,500 points can be used for $50 off your order

We will also be restructuring our free shipping to an automatic discount, which will not be combinable with other discount codes. Free shipping discounts will apply to orders of $200 or more.