Wholesale FAQ's

In no particular order...

1. Why can't bases be combined in a batch? For example, why can't I combine 2 sport weight and 2 worsted weight together?

Different bases will absorb dye differently (even if they are the same fibre content), and can wildly skew the results. I learned my lesson on that early on! As well, some bases are nearly impossible to tell apart visually, so it's important to keep them separated during production.

2. I can see something on the main website that isn't available wholesale. Why is that?

Some items are exclusive to Numana Yarns, others are non-repeatable (like One Of A Kind and No Dye Left Behind colourways). There are a few colourways that are undergoing a recipe change from when I first started dyeing, so once those have been redyed with the new recipe, they will be added to the wholesale site. And it's possible we have missed something - don't be afraid to ask!

Details about exclusive colourways/bases are in the Terms & Conditions.

3. I see on the website that you donate money to specific charities with the sale of  certain colourways. Do you donate the same amount when ordered wholesale?

No, I do not due to the much smaller margins when selling wholesale - I don't increase the price on these colourways to cover the donation. The labeling on that colourway will not indicate that it is a fundraiser item. If you would like to donate though, please feel free!

4. Why can't I pay for shipping upfront? Why the second invoice?

Unfortunately, until we have the order ready to go, we don't know what size of box/how many boxes will be needed, which can drastically change the actual shipping cost. This way you will get the most accurate shipping cost since we are basing it on the actual shipment, not an estimate.

5. How many batches can you dye up in a day?

Typically, I will dye about 8 batches of 4 skeins, for a total of 32 skeins. However, that somewhat depends on the complexity of the dyeing processes used; simple tonal colours take less time than multicoloured skeins with speckles, so I can sometimes do two batches on some warmers in a day. I do have the electrical capacity to accommodate a total of ten batches (40 skeins) running at a time, but as I am still training new staff, 8 batches at a time is the maximum I can handle.

6. There are so many colourways to choose from, can you help me pick some out?

Of course! Just let me know what you are looking for and I can make some suggestions. 

7. Do you dye any plant-based fibres, like cotton or linen?

At this time the only one I dye like this is the Strathcona base - a silk and linen blend. We dye this with acid dyes, so only the silk takes the dye, resulting in a heathered look.

8. What will the product label include?

In addition to branding information, the label includes the base and colourway names, the weight and yardage, and instructions for washing. There will also be a SKU number that will look similar to this: 10320305-MF4RTV. The first three digits is the base information (in this case, Barbury Sock) and the next five digits are the colourway number (in this case, Feeling Foxy). After the dash is the manufacturing batch code, which we use as a way to identify skeins that were dyed on the same day during the same dye run, and should be fairly similar in appearance - not really a dye lot number, but close...

By default, we do not include a barcode or price, but if you would like to use the same barcode and pricing label we use, just let us know. Our barcode number is the first part of the SKU before the dash.

We do not include gauge information since it varies between makers and the patterns they use.

9. Is there any way to know approximately how far out you are dyeing orders before I place mine?

At the moment there is not, although you can expect 6-8 weeks typically, depending on how long it takes to get the bases delivered from my supplier (I do try to get to custom orders as quickly as possible once I have supplies). As the number of wholesale orders increase, I will put measures in place so that expected timelines can be communicated clearly before orders are placed. If there is a known issue with a base being backordered, I will place a notice at the top of the Wholesale News page.

10. Do you have sample cards of your bases?

Not yet! We will let you know when they are available.

11. Will you offer mini skeins at some point?

Maybe - the rest of the staff may need to be bribed! They are fairly labor intensive in comparison to full-sized skeins.

12. Why can't I just order on the main website with a discount code?

I have set up the wholesale site so that it only allows orders that meet minimum requirements, and also gives far more flexibility in choosing base/colourways combinations. This way, you aren't limited to the same thing my retail customers are, and can offer products that, while not guaranteed to be exclusive, can't be easily ordered on my retail site (there are thousands of possible combinations).