Pop Up Shop Booking

We welcome other small, fibre-based businesses into our shop for Pop Up Shops on most Saturdays. Each vendor can book a maximum of once per quarter (Jan - Mar, Apr - Jun, Jul - See, Oct - Dec).

We have two spaces available:

SPACE 1: The space in the front (3'x10') is shared with Numana Yarns, and there is an aisle between product areas. The space has air conditioning in the summer, is carpeted, and is the best choice if you don't need a large display area. It is accessible immediately at the front door. Book this space.

SPACE 2: The space in the dye studio (16'x16') is better suited for those that need more space than what is available at the front. It has a concrete floor and will have divider walls set up to close the space off from the remainder of the dye studio. The dye studio will likely have some non-dyeing work occurring during the pop up, but shouldn't be noisy. The space is accessible immediately from the back of the retail space. NOTE: this space DOES NOT have air conditioning in the summer and can get to about 26C during a heat wave. It is heated in the winter. *This is also the space to book if you are bringing in a mobile shop trailer, which will have a slightly different set up. Book this space.

Loading can be done at either the front door, or through the back door, which also has an overhead, grade loading door. Setup can be done during the day on Friday, or in the morning on Saturday. Tear down is Saturday after 5:00.

You will need to bring all items you require for your space except chairs. If you are in the dye studio space, we can configure some of the grid walls used for divider walls in the back so that you can hang product on them.

Wifi is available throughout the shop. We also have a small area for eating in our office, along with a small fridge, microwave, and coffee-maker available to use.

There is currently no charge to have a pop up, we just ask that you advertise it well to your customer base, and we will do the same.