Grandma Wants To Zipline

Grandma Wants To Zipline

My mom really, REALLY wanted to zipline on our cruise in November 2019, but there was no way that was happening as she was waiting for a hip replacement at the time. It kind of became a thing that my mom would "complain" that she wanted to go ziplining every time it was brought up. She would try to come up with reasons why she should, lol. I was probably lucky that we weren't on one of the mega ships with a zipline!

My husband went though (and no, my mom did not sneak along with him). We were done our excursion before he was, and I was crocheting something in similar colors to this on the ship after he got back after his ziplining excursion. The bright colors  of that project and the tropical location brought this part of the trip back to me, hence the name.

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