Marvelous Mavis

Marvelous Mavis

This colourway is extra special. I made it to gift to a great friend whose mother passed away in October. Her mother, Marianne, went by the name Mavis to all who knew her. Orange was her signature colour, and she wore it so well. She was feisty and full of energy, and everyone knew when she walked into the room. My dad was a big fan of her husband (a football player for my dad's favourite team), and he was so thrilled when he got to meet her - she jokingly referred to him as her boyfriend. She will be missed by many.

A scholarship fund in memory of Mavis and her husband has been set up, and $3 from the sale of every skein of Marvelous Mavis will be donated to the fund at the end of each year.

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  • Michelle Miles

    Tammy, thanks for this. Mavis really loved you!🧡🧡🧡

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