The Stories Behind The Names

The Stories Behind The Names

If you have been following along on either my Instagram or Facebook Page, you will have seen the stories behind the naming of some of the colourways. I figured the blog feature on my website would be a great place to document the stories behind some of these names, which admittedly can be a bit crazy at times! 

I keep a running list of names on my phone, and jot names down as soon as I think, "that would make a great colourway name!" Sometimes the name is there long before the colour inspiration comes, and other times the name instantly brings colour ideas to mind, and I just have to get around to dyeing them.

I take a lot of inspiration as well from some of the ridiculous things said and funny situations that have come up in my family (and there are a lot of them!) Knowing the story behind the name can make the yarn even more interesting, I think. Hopefully you enjoy them too!

And if you are wondering about where the name Numana Yarns comes from, it's a mix of my daughter's nicknames. My oldest daughter is Brianna or Bree, and the youngest is Nicole or Nicky. When Nicole was learning how to talk, she couldn't pronounce Brianna, and called her Mana for a long, long time. The name just stuck. Nicole was nicknamed Nicky from the start, but somewhere along the way, we started calling her Nicky NuNu, or just Nu. So the name Numana is literally Nu and Mana put together. And no, they didn't like it at first, lol!

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