What Happens If...?

What Happens If...?

I find dyeing yarn is the most fun when you really don't know what will happen when you add colours together. Will you end up with a beautiful layer of colours or will you end up with a muddy brown?

This was the first colorway I made by alternating a technique I use in many of my yarns. I was inspired to create something using a blend of a few colours I saw in a photo, and I wondered "what happens if I change the way I do things just a little bit?" I had no idea if it would work out or if it would be a failed experiment.

The color variation in this one is amazing. Watching as the final dye color absorb is a little like magic, as that’s when all the color combos really appear. The first time I dyed it, I may have squealed a bit once that final colour application began to set!

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